Park Rental

You can rent the Park for Special Events like; Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, Weddings, Family Reunions, etc. Booking dates are starting in April and go through September.

Please visit the Calendar page to see if the dates you would like to rent are open.  Note: even though it may show open for the date you select please verify by sending an email to or by calling (920)277-8285.

Park Rental Fees:
Entire Park –  $375 +$125 security deposit**
Entire Pavilion –  $275 +$75 security deposit**
Open Half of Pavilion –  $110 +35 security deposit**
Enclosed Half of Pavilion –  $165 +$50 security deposit**

**Security Deposits refunded if place is cleaned up after event.
NOTE: If you only rent a portion of the park the other is open to rentals the same day.  Example you rent Enclosed Half Only, the Open Half is still available for rental even on the same day.

Accessory Rental Fees:
Folding Chairs –  $0.50 per chair ($10 per chair if broken)
Tables –  $10 per table ($100 per table if broken)

Building is not Heated
No portable Heaters allowed.


For any eneral park questions you can email